The Georgie Tanner Series by Justyn Walker is published by Imagine Publishing. You can order the books online using secure Paypal, or through participating bookshops. The series is listed on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge booklist and is recommended for ages 9-13.

The Magicians Daughter

The Magician's Daughter

Share the hilarious adventures of troublemaker, Georgie Tanner and schoolyard wimp, Thomas Finnigan, as they search for a traitor, befriend a dragon, play combat croquet, learn Batty Latin and face a Dark Star who has hatched a dire plot.

The Ancient Machine

The Ancient Machine

Georgie and Thomas must stop a machine that is ticking down to the end of the world. They meet a troupe of travelling daredevils as the mystery lures them into the depths of the underworld, where Georgie will discover the greatest secret of all.

Flight of the Evening Star

Flight of the Evening Star

The final, funny and thrilling adventure begins with a mysterious package that sloshes when it moves, and ends with a dramatic face-off against an evil shadow that will try to kill Georgie before she can save Allegoria once and for all.

Justyn Walker

The Author

Australian author Justyn Walker writes adventure books, has travelled to Siberia, and one day hopes to live inside a giant cake...

Erin Walker

The Book Designer

Find out how a book designer did her research to design a book that really jumps out at you.

Rod Allen

The Illustrator

An interview with Rod Allen the character cartoonist for the Georgie Tanner books.



As an author-presenter, Justyn Walker has spoken in schools and libraries around Australia and has even appeared on TV.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

The Magic Book is based on the Walker family dog "Shamps", a mischievous little mut that sleeps on the bed and growls when you try to move it. Shamp's hobbies include attacking the vacuum cleaner. More facts ...

Writing Tips

Tips for Young Writers

In every story there are three important building blocks: the characters, the setting and the plot.